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Landscape Val d'Anniviers


We strongly believe in looking after this beautiful world that we live in, which is why La Bergère has been designed to have minimal impact on the environment. The chalet is run almost entirely on hydroelectric power collected from the nearby plant in Vissoie and our ground floor heating comes from our eco-friendly wood pellet stove which is carbon neutral, low in emissions of particulates and runs at 90% heat efficiency (as opposed to 40-50% for traditional wood stoves). As part of the recent refurbishment, the chalet has also been re-insulated to reduce any thermal loss in the building.

We continually review our menu to make the most out of seasonal produce, which is locally sourced wherever possible. We also try to minimise both packaging waste through our suppliers and food waste through careful menu planning. 

Furthermore, we do not intend to stop where we are currently at! By 2025 we hope to incorporate alternative renewable energy sources into the building to decrease our dependency on non-renewables.

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